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Carl Collins’ (NT5CC) Digital Station for Winlink and VHF Packet

nt5cc-digi-station-1The digital station here consists of an Icom 208H for VHF & Kenwood TSB2000.  Kantronics KAM XL (Bad choice) for VHF TNC & SignaLink soundcard for HF.  Unknown at the time but the KAM XL does not support RMS (Winlink) Express WINMOR.  Does a fine job with packet though.  I usually use the Kantronics KPC 3+ but got a good deal on the KAM XL.   Running HRD for rig control and RMS Packet for the Winlink gateway.  The gateway runs 24/7 unless I’m playing radio with some of the other digital modes.
Documentation for this setup is readily available and more than adequate for most anyone to follow.  This system has run flawlessly for years except for the computer which was old to start with and recently replaced.   I really like the Icom 208H as it has a data port (doubles as the ext. speaker plug) and is a simple, straight forward 50 watt dual band radio.  I use it for the Leon Co. EOC packet station as well.