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This is for getting quick announcements to the membership

January Meeting and Info Request

Monthly ARES Meeting – 6:30pm – January 9th
Red Cross Offices at 4244 Boonville Rd, Bryan, Texas.

Michelle Mead – The role of Brazos Co. ARES in the June 2017 Shelter Exercise
Ron Hambric – Planning of BVSAR exercise on January 28th
Planning for radio communications range test from Gibbon Creek
Assistants EC reports

Request information from our members for EC 2016 Annual Report

If you received this email I need to receive a response from you.
I should receive 36 responses.
Please submit your respond by Tuesday, Jan. 10th

Please answer each topic with a “yes” or “no”
Then copy and paste and email to Ron –

Can you operate CW –
HF emergency-power (battery or generator) capability at home –
VHF emergency-power (battery or generator) capability at home –
Can you operate HF mobile –
Can you operate VHF mobile (not HT) –
Active on digital modes (HF or VHF) –

I will share this report with you by Thursday, Jan. 12th.

Thanks for your time
Ron Hambric, N5SBN
Emergency Coordinator,
Brazos County ARES Unit #71

Final Parade Time Line and Plan

Final Parade Plan

Dec 4th, Sunday…

First let me say thank you for being a parade volunteer.
If it wasn’t for each of you giving of your time the parade
would not happen.
If you care to joint some of the group for breakfast at
McDonald’s on University Drive around 07:15 do so.
At around 08:00 we will move to the parade command center (ARES Comm Van) located on the south side (right side when turning on Polo Rd from Bizzell). Park your vehicle in spaces close to Comm Van
I can not stress this more strongly and that is to dress for the weather.
We may be setting up the in the rain and this has happen in the past.
It was two or three years ago we setup the parade line-up area in the rain but the weather starting clearing at 1pm. You guess it – we had a parade and the weather was great the rest of the day. Pray we will be blessed the same this year.
Thursday afternoon is calling for Sunday’s weather to have temperatures of a low of 45 degrees with a high of  56 degrees. Thunderstorms in the morning, then cloudy with rain likely
in the afternoon. So will have hope for no rain during parade time.
Items you will need to bring:
Dress for the weather – dress warm and bring rain gear
Bring water / shack – we work through the lunch hours – that’s our busiest time Clipboard / pen for holding line-up information – I have plastic sheet protectors Safety vest – we have few (mostly for the corp of cadets) Whistle – helpful to get someone’s attention ( not cadets)
0715 – Breakfast at McDonald’s
0800 – ARES members and other hams – duty calls with safety briefing
0810 – Setup Parade Command
0830 – CSPFFA picking up Gators at KAMU – Patrick Dugan
0845 – CSPFFA volunteer start reporting, if not at breakfast
0900 – Position Assignments made and safety briefing
0900 – Cadets from corp arriving
0910 – Cadets – safety briefing
0915 – Cadets – send into 50W and 50E to stop vehicle parking
0915 – Traffic devices setup
0930 – Entry numbers placed in line-up areas
1000 – Volunteers on assignment positions
You will receive a more detailed timeline on Sunday for times after 0915.
We will used amateur radio frequencies and a commercial radio system.
Hams make sure you bring materials to weather proof your radio.
I will have plastic bags for the commercial radios.
Should you have question please email.
Remember to dress for the weather for I can not stress this too strongly.
Ron Hambric, N5SBN
Christmas Parade Logistic Chair