New Cover for ARES trailer

Brent and I placed new tarps on the ARES trailer this morning.
First we made a trip to the trailer and take measurements.
We travel to the Producers COOP to get price on tarps.
Guess what they do not sell canvas traps they only had plastic.
We went to Tractor supply and purchased two traps.
First the cost of a large canvas trap was around $170 and
what is the true rating on UV protection.
We purchased an agricultural cover 16X20 with UV protection
and a canvas trap 10X12 with UV protection.
We placed pipe insulation around the top edges of the bucket
covering the mast. We did this to protect the tarps.
We placed the larger tarp on first and then cover that with
the canvas tarp.
See the attached photo.
Thanks Brent for you help.
Tom could you send this email and photo to all ARES members, Thanks.
Guys thanks for reading
Ron, EC for Brazos Co. ARES